Gallon Bleach

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57.46 LBS

KIK International PureBright Germicidal Bleach Ultra 6% Gallon--6/Case

Now Kills More Germs! Now with more than 20 new & updated Specific Germ Kills. Reduced PPM's for C. Difficile Spore Kill. NEW E Coli Carbapenem Resistant Bacteria Claim. NEW Norovirus and Coronavirus Claims. 3 New NDM-1 Anti-Biotic Resistant Bacteria Claims. NEW Laundry Saniziter claims for MRSA & Psuedomonas. Contains 6% Sodium Hypochlorite. SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE - KILLS 50+ Specific Germs by name; EBOLA AND ENTEROVIRUS D-68 ACCEPTED BY CDC / EPA FOR THESE GERMS; “CHEAP INSURANCE POLICY” against broad Cross-Contamination threats to “YOUR BUSINESS”; KILLS MRSA – A Major concern in School Districts and Daycare Facilities; KILLS C. Difficile Spores – ALREADY a Major Healthcare / Hospital / Nursing Home threat & KILLS E. Coli. ; Staph; Strep, Salmonella, Athletes Foot Fungus – General Institutional concerns.